SOLDIER ON SERVICE DOGS, INC  provides trained service dogs to qualified veterans at no cost to the veterans.

One trained service dog

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Non-Tax Deductible Donation

PURPOSE DRIVEN DOGS  is a freelance business with a passion for increasing the awareness of service dog benefits and responsibilities for

requires two years of  training and between $25,000 and $30,000.  Funding requires support through grants and donations; no government program provides any money.  The veteran, however, must provide for the health and welfare of the service dog.

You may be asking yourself why is this program so important.  It is significant because of the heartbreaking word "suicide."  Suicide is a devastating epidemic that potentially affects many veterans.  An baseline estimated 22 veterans per day commit suicide per day.  Remember this is a baseline number only and only represent those states that can track this statistic.  Northwest Arkansas is the home of a very large veteran population and has one of the highest suicide rates in the USA.  A service dog can help to mitigate this pandemic.

Please consider making a donation to help provide a service dog to a qualified veteran and help change this devastating statistic for NWA.

by  Robert Grubbs, Service Dog advocate AND KNOWLEDGEABLE VETERAN

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the veteran, the veteran's family (caregiver), and the generally public as well as helping to mitigate the stigma associated with PTSD. 

As a freelance representative, I receive no money for expenses or fees for my presentations.  In fact, my only income is through SSI and Disability.  Since this barely meets our needs and the cost of caring for a very large German Shepherd is rather impressive I have created this site to not only help share my knowledge with others but to also offset some of these expenses.   A donation to help  through my GoFundMe account will be appreciated.  This is a gift and not a tax credit deduction.